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"We always advise people wanting to lose weight to try to do so by following a healthy, balanced diet high in fruit and vegetables and low in fat, sugar and salt combined with physical activity.

"Weight loss surgery can be a way of losing significant amounts of weight for people who are obese.

She bases this bold claim on her experience with seriously obese patients and a detailed analysis of the best studies yet done showing weight-loss surgery’s ability to reverse the often devastating effects of being extremely overweight on health and quality of life.

“I haven’t come across a patient yet who wouldn’t recommend it,” Dr. “Most say they wish they’d done it 10 years sooner.” She explained that the overwhelming majority of patients who undergo bariatric surgery have spent many years trying — and failing — to lose weight and keep it off. “These patients have lost hundreds of pounds over and over again,” Dr. “The weight that it takes them one year to lose is typically back in two months,” often because a body with longstanding obesity defends itself against weight loss by drastically reducing its metabolic rate, an effect not seen after bariatric surgery, which permanently changes the contours of the digestive tract.

Matched with comparable patients who did not have surgery, those who did fared much better physically, emotionally and socially.

They rated themselves as healthier and were less likely to report problems with mobility, pain, daily activities, social interactions and feelings of depression and anxiety, among other factors that can compromise well-being.

The entries, the best of which can be found below, varied from painfully dull to deeply sad to truly bizarre.

That’s what we get for asking the Internet an open question. We were at a bar having drinks on a Friday night and all was going well, so we decided to get dinner.

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Abby Lee has reportedly lost a whopping 40 pounds, and is at the smallest we have ever seen her!

Before ordering, she proceeds to tell me she can only eat very little and eats very slow.

After asking why, and getting inconsistent and clearly made up answers, I pressed deeper and learned she had lap-band surgery.

One poor soul even claimed it's happened to him 100 times, although we'll take that with a pinch of salt.

We also provided a write-in category for readers to share their experiences in more detail.