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Tough love s03e02 dating in the digital age pdtv crimson

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please someone help me It's not healthy for me to feel this Y. i really cant see me without you and now u're running around in my head im never gonna let you slip away again(again)Every now and then when i watch you... You touch me lalala Uuuh lalala You kiss me lalala Lalalalalalalala X2 I feel you Come along and feel me too ...

are making this hard You got me tossin' and turnin' and I can't seep at night[Bridge]Boy you know you got me feeling open And boy your loves enough with words unspoken I said boy I'm telling you, you got me open I don't know what to do its true I'm going crazy over you I'm begging[Chorus]S. im wishing you was someone i can talk to i gotta get you out of my head but baby girl i gotta see you once again(again)Every now and now i go to sleep, i couldn't stop dreaming about youyour love is got me feeling kinda weak..