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Debutó con el grupo durante una presentación de Bo A y Britney Spears.A raíz de su salida de TVXQ cambió su nombre artístico por simplemente Xia.He trained for 6 years before been selected as the first member to join Tong Vfang Xien Qi.

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En el 2012, anunció el lanzamiento de su álbum como solista TARANTALLEGRA, el cual durante el primer día de ventas ocasionó que el sistema de varias web de música online colapsaran.

According the announcement, the three members signed a new contract with avex which allow them to start their activities as JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN, the new unit name.

Yoochun y Hyun Jin son esposos, Yoochun se encuentra estudiando el tercer grado de preparatoria por que perdió dos años por involucrarse en una pelea, Hyun Jin es maestra.

♪ He never really wet his bed, but the last time he did was when he was 6. ♪ He wears briefs cause it’s ‘uncomfortable’ wearing boxers when he’s dancing. ♪ His mom wants her daughter-in-law to be a devoted christian and play at least one instrument. ♪ He and his brother Junho were the noisiest kids in the neighborhood. ♪ Junsu’s mum favorite present from Junsu was a hairpin and a bouquet of roses. ♪ His mum first realized that Junsu wasn’t a little boy when he told her, “Mom, you don’t have to worry about me anymore. I’ll make you happy, and the houses that you draw won’t have to be drawn anymore. ♪ Junsu wants a bright girl with a positive outlook of the world.

♪ He never stands still when he’s talking and he moonwalks to the bathroom. ♪ The hardest time he went through was puberty when his voice changed. Yoochun thinks it`s because Junsu is a negative person.